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Hydrological Studies

China National Aero Technology International Corporation (CATIC)

Under this assignment, SKILLS provided the below services:

  • Collection of Details on existing canals or drainage paths such as sizes, normal flow, catchment area etc.
  • Calculation of HFL for return periods 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, 50 years and 100 years for the project area drainage paths.
  • Designing flood frequency for the each type of drainage structure.
  • Preparation of Inundated area maps for all return period flood levels in all river basins within the selected project area.
  • Preparing Drainage structure proposals for the selected project area including viaduct proposals, bridges, culverts and drains including flow directions, designed spans, heights, and recommended soffit levels, freeboard and invert levels.
  • Providing Hydrological technical justification for selection of viaducts for the selected project area instead embankment filling.
  • Providing Recommendations for minimum freeboard to road pavement layer.
  • Recommending maximum and minimum flow velocity for drainage structures.
  • Preparing Sample design calculation sheet for each type of cross drainage structure to verify sizes of structure.
  • Listing the Parameters and coefficients used for design calculations.
  • Preparing Design Hyetograph for all return periods used for the analysis.
  • Providing Basic Guide lines for bend treatments, end treatments, slope protections, velocity barriers, friction blocks and cascaded sections of drainage structures.
  • Preparing Design guidelines and references for the hydrology report.