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Infrastructure sector

Infrastructure sector

⦁ Feasibility Studies Highways Sector, Railways, Oil Pipelines, Industrial Parks, etc.
⦁ Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) & Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE)
⦁ Social Impact Assessments (SIA)
⦁ Resettlement Action Plans (RAP)
⦁ Road Safety Audits

SKILLS ensures that they utilize the best expertise in the country recognized for their experience and track record to guarantee solutions that are professional and relevant.

Services include: Feasibility Studies, Environmental Impact Assessments, Social Impact Assessments, Resettlement Action Plans, etc – covering subjects such as; roads, railway lines, oil pipelines, industrial parks, investment promotion zones, IT & special educational enclaves.

Amongst clients who have sought services from the above suite include: China Harbour Engineering Corp, SMEC of Australia, Board of Investment of Sri Lanka, Road Development Authority.