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Institutional Capacity Building

Institutional Capacity Building

⦁ Monitoring & Evaluation
⦁ Finance
⦁ Administration
⦁ Procurement standards required for international agencies
⦁ Project Cycle Management & Report Writing
⦁ Technical upgrading for Staff of regional agencies

SKILLS’ forte in training is extended to numerous institutions in a variety of disciplines aimed at competence & skills development to achieve institutional goals & optimum results.

Services include: Quantitative Surveys carried out through measurable indicators; Qualitative Surveys conducted to cover impacts of development initiatives, programs aimed at livelihood development & social upliftment; Needs Assessments

Amongst clients who have sought services from the above suite include: Several World Bank-funded projects coming under the purview of the Ministry of Education (SL) & ICTA (SL); Technical Education Development Project under ADB funding, World Vision, TVEC (SL).